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In this course you will receive 4 Video materials with Women's Energy Practices. They are very easy, short (from 30 seconds to a minute, two, the longest is a 5 minute meditation), but give a powerful result when done regularly for 21 days, 1 month, after which you can maintain the form with performance 1-2 times a week.

Practices include a combination of simple pelvic floor muscle exercises/Kegels with other types of arcane magical techniques, meditation.

What are you accomplishing?

Maintaining and improving your physical and mental health, gradually connecting with yourself, increasing your femininity, sexuality, libido, improving your mood and facilitating the fulfillment of your true desires. Keep in mind that all of the above is an awakening process that takes different lengths for each woman, don't rush and don't get hung up on the result and everything will work out for you.

An important principle when using the practices: To do them with pleasure without obsessing over the result. That's the only way positive changes happen. You know my principle: Simple works best! Therefore, everything is easy and short in time, accessible to all women of any age and in any condition. My principle of selecting the easiest possible, short but effective pelvic floor exercises and feminine techniques and practices to improve your feminine health is here too! We have no time to waste! Let's start! You will receive the product in the form of a link to a Telegram channel where the women's energy practices and additional resources I give you are.

I always stay on the phone with video calls for questions, corrections, guidance. If you are not sure which product is for you, I can advise you on tel. 00359 888 533757 or at  You will receive the product at the e-mail address provided by you immediately after establishing the presence of the amount in the account.

The email contains links to the training videos. The delivery period is five working days from the date of receipt of funds to preserve the product. If you were sent an email with wrong content, different from your order, write to  and will be removed in due course. You have three free consultations during your 1 month training, after that I remain available for questions on social media!

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