Video Workout with the Vaginal Exercise Weight By Kegel8

  • Brand: Fitintim
  • Cat No: 12

Video training with Kegel8 Weighted vaginal exercise balls and egg-shaped trainers. It includes 5 basic exercises that you do with each of the three exersisers in your kit for 1 month.

The first one is the lightest, then you move on to the next one. The program is for 3 months of gradual strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. You can use the training for a lifetime to maintain the result. You can also upgrade as the load increases when you get through the program and it becomes easy enough for you.

Do it at least 3 times a week for maximum results. I always stay on the phone with video calls for questions, corrections, guidance.

The product contains a video with instructions and a video with the specific workout.

But if you have another "Egg" type trainer you can also do the exercises, but I recommend a Kegel8  trainer because of the feedback so you can still control the execution technique by watching the movement of the tip that is visible. Ladies with prolapse can do the exercise in a sitting position with a straight back or in other positions according to the prolapse, the degree of which must be determined by a specialist doctor. Also, a doctor must give individual permission for the use of an additional pelvic exercisers.

The exercises are easy, motor culture is not required - it is trained in the process and your results are better and better over time. My principle of selecting the easiest possible, short but effective pelvic floor exercises and feminine techniques and practices to improve your feminine health is here too!

If you are not sure which course is for you, I can advise you on tel. 00359 888 533757 or at You will receive the product at the e-mail address provided by you immediately after establishing the presence of the amount in the account.

The email contains links to the training videos. The delivery period is five working days from the date of receipt of funds to preserve the product. If you were sent an email with wrong content, different from your order, write to and will be removed in due course. You have three free consultations during your 1 month training, after that I remain available for questions on social media!

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