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Fitintim Pelvic floor exercises

Fitintim ви предлага:

1. Consultation Online. Topics: women's health, women's energy, sexuality, relationship with man at body level.

3. Video Workouts for the Pelvic Floor muscles with and without additional pelvic floor Exercisers.

3. Group Pelvic Floor Workouts, combined with Energy practices for women

online or with invitation at a place, chosen by you.

For whom the Pelvic floor Exercises are Suitable?

For Women who would like to be healthy, to do regular prevention of gynecological and other problems and diseases of the organs in the pelvic floor area, of the hormonal imbalance.  

For Women who want to have satisfactory sexual relationship with their partner and to feel easily pleasure and have orgasms. 

For Women who want to recover after giving birth and to stay fertile and gets pregnant easily.

For Women who don't have partner in life, because It's necessary to maintain their health and there is possibility to meet somebody if they want.

For Women who already have problems like incontinence, prolapse or other gynecological diseases in primary degree - not for surgery or after the surgery! Here we aim full recovery or improvement of condition and self-esteem.

For Women who want to regulate the hormonal balance, to have painless monthly cycle and to delay and relieve menopause.

For Women who want to be confident at any age and look always fresh and young.

For Women who need to connect with their inner woman, natural strength and feminine energy, who want to be happy, to feel pleasure in life and create miracles.