About Us

About Us

The Brand Fitintim is created in 2020. by Tanya Dimitrova.

  • Physical Therapist/Kinesitherapist and Female Coach 
  • She practices herself  Pelvic floor Exercises with or without pelvic floor exercisers from 2003 until now
  • Teaches Women through Video Training to maintain good health and to use the knowledge for self-medication

 We offer Video Workouts that contain Pelvic Floor Exercises with and without Pelvic Floor Exercisers, of varying complexity.

       What results we get:

  • Prevention of gynecological diseases, prolapse, incontinence and their treatment if recommended by a gynecologist
  • if recommended by a gynecologist, the monthly cyclet, PMS, relief and postponement of menopause
  • Strong and Elastic Pelvic floor Muscles,improved muscle tone and vaginal sensitivity
  • increased libido and orgasmicity
  • Excellent mood, Happiness, satisfaction,confidence, self love and self respect, a sense of worth as a woman.
  • Аll this makes you a Magnet for male attention and the best things in your life